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Photos from Fall 2012 Workshops at Wichita State University (Each photo links to larger version, use browser's back button to return here.)
Heart of America's Fall 2012 workshops start at Wichita State University's Wilner Auditorium for registration.
Wichita Scottish Rite Temple
East façade of Wichita Scottish Rite Masonic Center showing (from left to right) original Proudfoot and Bird, 1887 YMCA building, the 1908 addition, and just out of frame the 1950's portion.
Stage of Wichita Scottish Rite Temple
Heart of America group gets tour of Wichita Scottish Rite Masonic Center stage and scenery.
Wichita Scottish Rite Temple operating rail
View of operating rail at Wichita Scottish Rite Masonic Center. Scenery is never changed hence no need for traditional rope brakes and linesets are on 6" centers. Larger spaces are for three color strip lights.
Michael Downs
Wichita designer Michael Downs, presents "Getting Noticed: The New Sandwich Board"
Participants for "The New Sandwich Board"
Heart of America workshop attendees watch Michael Downs presentation in a Wichita State University classroom.
Rachel Downs shows stained glass patterns
Rachel Downs shows renderings of a stained glass window to be produced in her "Faux Stained Glass" workshop.
Faux Stained Glass workshop participants
Rachel Downs discusses process of making faux stained glass window scenic pieces.
Examples of other stained glass pieces can be seen in the background.
Participants painting by numbers
Participants paint by number on stenciled and inked muslin window flat on stage in Wilner Auditorium.
Participants paint by numbers
Everyone participates painting stained glass windows from patterns stenciled and inked onto muslin framed flats.
Participants working on window projects
Rachel Downs shows technique for "leading" stained glass lines using Rosco's Crystal Gel and black paint applied with a zip lock type plastic bag, cake frosting style. Note the realistic color variation and texture achieved using Crystal Gel with tinting colors.
Rachel show off finished product
Kathleen Voecks of Kansas State and Rachel Downs show off completed faux stained glass window.
Rachel and show off finished window
Rachel and Kathleen show off other completed faux stained glass project.

Approximately 30 students and faculty members participated in USITT's Heart of America Section's fall tour and workshops. The group was treated to a two and a half hour tour of the stage, costume and props storage, backstage and architecture of Wichita's Scottish Rite Masonic Center. After lunch the group divided into the Faux Stained Glass workshop presented by Rachel Downs and Michael Downs presentations on "Getting Noticed: The New Sandwich Board" and "I've Got the Script, Now What?"

Special Thanks to the Wichita Scottish Rite Masonic Center, Tony Nelzen, Deb Campbell, Wichita State University, Ed Baker, Jenny Knot of Rosco, Michael Downs and Rachel Downs.

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