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Twenty five people attended the HOA meeting at the Long Beach National Conference, March 29. New officers were elected, they include
  • Darren Levin, Vice-Chair for Membership
  • Ronnie Chamberline, Sec./Treasurer
  • Sean Savoie, Vice-Chair for Scholarships
  • Dan Ayers, Vice-Chair for Sponships
  • Hans Pregler, Vice-Chair for Web Resources
    Initial plans were made for a Fall event Sept. 7-9, 2012, the weekend following Labor Day.
    Suggestions were made for links to videos for sewing, safety, or other items of interest.
    Suggestions were made for compilation of alternative careers involving theatre or technical skills and training.
    Bakerwood Industries was thanked for providing coffee and pastries for the meeting.
    Plans were announced for all regional section's web sites to be hosted by National. Address will be, there is no word on when this will be complete or about transfering functionality.

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