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Dr. Del Unruh

Heart of America
Fall 2009 Master Class with Delbert Unruh

September 11-13, Lied Center, University of Kansas

Workshops by Rich Wolpert, Benjamin Stickels, Ashley Bellet and Ed Baker

Lied Center Theatre
Lied Center at KU was the venue of Fall 2009 HOA Workshops Special Thanks to Andy and Ann Hause and the Lied Center staff

MST Students
Missouri Science & Technology students at registration
Ed Baker Workshop
Ed Baker of Wichita State University lead a Workshop about adapting non theater technology for theatre use
Rich Wolpert Workshop
Rich Wolpert of Union Connector lead the Electrical Safety Workshop
Door Prizes at HOA Meeting
Door Prizes at HOA business meeting
MST students
MST students

Chistopher Waller
Christopher Waller from Missouri Science and Technology is HOA's VP for Programming

Project Costume Entry
Ashley Bellet from University of Tulsa lead a "Project Costume" workshop
MST contengent
Christopher Waller and the Missouri Science & Technology attendees

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Masterclass & Workshop sponsors:ETCP/ESTA, JR Clancy, City Theatrical, Kenmark Scenic Studios, ETC, Apollo Design, BMI Supply, and Shure

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